Coaching Clients

​"Christian has been everything I could want out of a life couch. She has been easier to talk to than therapists I've seen, and I rarely find myself repeating because she genuinely cares. She asks all the right questions and has about her a great sense of insight, wisdom and relatability. Even when it feels like things in your life may be stacked against you, it always feels like she is rooting for you in your corner."

"I have been fortunate to have sought out Christian's counsel on many occasions. She has a way of listening to you about what you are going through, knowing when to ask you a leading question verses when to guide you in a healthier, more productive, direction. This is a skill not all coaches and counselors have. She is kind, empathetic and has a true calling to help people. I feel very fortunate to have found her."

"The very first time I met Christian I felt an immediate connection! ... I knew she would accept me for me! I never felt judged or criticized! I don't usually truly open to most people and I absolutely did with Christian! She is an absolute must-have confidant!

"My first session with Christian was very surprising. I went into our session thinking that it would
be me explaining my life and some of the things that I struggle with the most but it was much deeper than that. I let her into my life and she listened. She understood. She encouraged me to give examples of how I was feeling and it really pushed me find out what I was truly struggling with. If I ever find myself confused or in need of guidance, Christian is the person I will call."

Professional Commendations

"She played a pivotal role in the training and development of her team by working diligently to ensure that they were always prepared and supported as necessary. She is artful at working with people and demonstrates a rare level of compassion and charm that has earned her the respect and admiration of her peers and customers alike... Christian is considerate, contemplative and above all, immensely loyal. She is a standard bearer of solid leadership and a true team player that will be missed by this organization."

​-Dwayne Allen, Proprietor of The Breadfruit Restaurants, LLC

"Her integrity is of: honesty, sincerity, trustworthiness, and honorable; all are her strong personal characteristics.  She is an organizer and highly skilled in efficiency... She is extremely gifted with inter-personal relationships.  She chooses her words carefully and assesses circumstances before she speaks.  She speaks properly and appropriately, and her words are wise, caring and understanding."

-Y. Frank Aoi, Proprietor/Practioner of Japanese Acupuncture LLC

Personal references

"I've always told her she is a light in a dark world. As an associate pastor, I'm familiar with the ups and downs that befall people. Christian has a heart to help people no matter who they are or what they have been through. She has been a good friend and listening ear to me for a long time and I am honored to be a part of her life. I could not recommend her services enough if you are in need of a good friend, a listening ear, and inspiring advice."

-Adam Lidberg, Associate Pastor at Coast City Church

"I've known Christian for over 15 years and have seen her unfold into one of the strongest women I know. She is grounded in her skin, firm in her convictions, connected in her heart and dedicated in her passions.
Disarming, loving, straight forward, honest, positive, forgiving, empathetic and resilient. I trust her with my life."

-Natalie Eickmeyer, Nanny/Single mother

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