​​We all need someone who is undoubtedly on our side. 

A person, who is loyal and will make our best interest their number one priority. Whether it’s professional or personal, sometimes it takes third party perspective to dig down to the heart of a situation.  

Whether you’re stuck at a cross-roads, starting a new business, ready for a major life change or having trouble with relationships, I am with you. I will guide you to your best self, as imagined by you. This isn’t about my opinion, my ideas or my vision. My aspiration is to be by your side, cheering you on, as you create the life you’ve always dreamed of. If you haven't quite figured out what you're looking for, then I’ll help you discover it. My cause is in revealing your truth and the way to make it reality. Introspective Interactions is designed to dig down and find the answers already within you. Then, it is up to you, to implement your discoveries and watch your dreams materialize.

Introspective Coaching

 ​​        My journey has afforded me the opportunity to believe that personal growth is achieved by digging down to our personal truth to understand our innermost self and then, by learning to efficiently communicate with those around us. Most of us haven't had an opportunity to learn how to look inside ourselves and tune in to our deeper consciousness but we all have a desire to understand ourselves and those around us. Let's work together to figure out why you think, and make decisions, the way you do. This is the Introspective aspect of the work we can do. My goal in Introspection is to establish the connection between the person you are day to day and the higher consciousness that drives you.

        Once we've established your Introspective self,  we'll be able to have a more honest and open conversation. With powerful and intuitive questioning, you'll form habits to establish a healthy relationship with yourself. Having this understanding with yourself is the foundation to interacting with others in a much more effective and balanced way. With my guidance, you will receive genuine understanding  that leads to positive growth.

        Simply said, I will show you to greater awareness and be an ally in achieving humble, honest communication within and positive communication with others. I want to make your life easier by shifting your inner dialogue to support your inner most truth. That's why communication must begin within; to identify who we are at our core and in our own truth. 

Business Organization

        As an advocate of dream fulfillment, I know starting/managing a small business is overwhelming. I find that most startups have a visionary to provide the services and/or goods but they don't have the management and organizational skills to hit the ground running. This is where I can assist you. With my coaching skills, affinity for customer service and indulgent satisfaction in organization, I am the perfect touch to ensure your business runs smoothly. Above all else, I make no exceptions when it comes to honesty, integrity and professionalism.

        I will provide the tools for proper time management, composing contracts and spreadsheets, customer relations, and team building (if applicable).  I am a rare breed that finds true excitement in creating systems and organizing spaces. You have enough to consider in running your business, let me construct the organization to ensure that you're set up to succeed. 

        The best part is,  it's up to you how much you want me to set up.  It is my goal to give you the necessities to run your business long after we part ways. My services can be used on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. My business is to ensure that your business succeeds so there is no limit or minimum to the length of our agreement. ​    

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