Why Your Relationship sucks

The title may seem harsh but I think of it as candid. Whether it's family,  coworkers, significant others or the one you have with yourself,  relationships are hard! This blog is for the person who isn't afraid to admit that their relationships could use improvement.  If you're willing to be honest and take a look inward to improve your relationships, then this blog is a great head start!

     I created this blog to give my most honest insight on relationships and how we can do better. 'Why Your Relationship Sucks' focuses on  the patterns we develop that prevent us from cultivating healthy, long term relationships and how these patterns turn into mistakes made when looking for a partner.

     My posts are intended for anyone and everyone who 'relates'. I do not make the discernment of specific parties involved or what a relationship is; this is just my take on the most effective way to begin and achieve healthy, lasting relationships; beginning with the one you have with yourself.


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