Christian williams gordon

The Everyday Me

         I am an Arizona native and have lived all over this state, plus a two year stint in NYC. As my childhood hero, Ariel, sang, "I wanna be where the people are!", so I tend to gravitate toward the city  life. On a typical day off, you can find me snugged up with my husband and dogs or out on the water paddling away on our kayaks. Balance is really important to me, so I try to take each day as it comes and not let my 'planner mentality' get the best of me.  

        In my spare time, I generally prefer solitary activities such as writing, painting, playing puzzle games on my phone... but my love of humans always gets me out of the house for dinner dates or game nights with friends and family.


My Journey

        I've insisted on doing things the hard way, in spite of my better judgement, my whole life. I know that sometimes the unpaved road just holds better stories. My story begins when I was a young girl. I was always more interested in what the adults were up to, than I was with playing with my peers. I felt more 'tuned in' to the grown-ups around me. It seemed that they would confide in me and it gave me a sense of importance. That's when I began to notice that I could emotionally feel the individuals I interacted with. 

        As I got older, my sensitivity made it difficult to create lasting relationships because I wanted to control my feelings rather than learn from them. I prided myself in being harsh or brash because I would have rather had people feel unsafe around me than allow myself to be vulnerable to my gift. I saw my sensitivity as a weakness and worried that if others spotted it, they would take advantage of me. It wasn't until I discovered the Life Coaching Program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, that I was able to let down my walls and allow myself to soften. This is when I started gathering the proper tools to  help people in the capacity I was built for.

Establishing Introspective Interactions

        What I learned in the coaching program, strengthened my abilities in all aspects of life. It helped me focus on what I knew I always wanted to do. Acquiring that clarity, helped me hone in on the methods I'd already been practicing, and create the technique that I now identify as Introspective Interactions. I have always known that my purpose is to help others and shed light on their paths. I want to help you get to know your true self and the world reflected around you. 

I am so excited to share my discoveries with you!  

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